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GuestPass® International Corporation is dedicated to providing you with Privileged Access to an Exceptional Experience, locally and internationally. Our services are designed specifically to provide you with a range of exceptional entertainment activities and the cost-saving privileges of an insider.

Personal GuestPass® Experience

For the individual, we provide the Personal GuestPass® Experience. Use GuestPass® for a night on the town, day with family and friends, romantic weekend getaway, or professional networking events. Plan exceptional GuestPass® experiences around birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Valentine's Day, or anytime.

Whether you are spontaneous or like to plan ahead, GuestPass® International allows you to enjoy the perfect entertainment experience.

The Gift of a "Personal GuestPass® Experience"

We are confident that once you have tried the GuestPass® Experience, you will want to share it with family, friends, and colleagues. You can do so by giving a personalized GuestPass® voucher. Better yet, send them a personal invitation; they will thank you for it.

Corporate GuestPass® Experience

As a business owner or professional person, we provide you with the Corporate GuestPass® Experience. Use GuestPass® vouchers for awards & recognitions, employee incentives, client promotions, or client loyalty programs.

To make your company stand out with your employees, business associates, and clients even more, give a branded corporate GuestPass® - give GuestPass® vouchers with your company name and message.

Whether it is personal or corporate, we want you to make it an Exceptional GuestPass® Experience.

Enjoy the GuestPass® Experience!

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